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The story behind the milkshakes

strawberry milkshakes in jars

We’ve got a long history of making great shakes.

And now we’ve put everything into bringing you SSH! – your new secret indulgence…

Practice Makes Perfect

Creating a luxury milkshake

A constant craving

When we started out, there wasn’t a milkshake on any retailer shelf that gave us the same hit of indulgence we craved. 

The WOW factor

We wanted more from a milk-based drink, one filled with the best ingredients that would deliver sublime flavour – like melted ice cream in a bottle – and would make you think, and say, ‘WOW!’

An indulgent treat

That put us on a path to make our own. With an amazing team behind us we created the most indulgent treat-in-a-bottle you could find.

Try for yourself

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We take great pride in where and who we source from. Ingredients are carefully considered and nothing comes from an artificial source. We are 100% traceable.


As well as always procuring first grade products, our Chocolate is Fairtrade, and our milk and cream is delivered by our friends at the local West Country farm.


We care about our planet. All our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastics – and are 100% recyclable after use.

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